The Order of St. Lucy, headquartered in the Dallas, Texas area, is an ecumenical religious order of the Mission Episcopate of St. Lucy, and its membership is open to those who use the Liberal Catholic Rite. (read more)

Service Information

The Order of St. Lucy celebrates the Holy Eucharist 3 to 4 times per month at St. Lucy's Oratory. All are welcome. We practice open communion. E-mail Br. Lawrence for directions if you are interested in attending services. See our calendar for dates and times.


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Click on "FAQ" to learn the basics about the Order. Under "About Us," you will find the aims of the Order, the 7 Pillars of the Order, and its vows. The "Affiliations" page details the other organizations and spiritual communities with whom we are linked. If you would like more information or have questions, click on "Contact Us." For more information on the Order and links to websites on related topics, feel free to visit the "Resources" section.

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